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NOROO Co., Ltd., having grown in the paint and ink industry with the brand name Noroo, was divided into an investment sector (NOROO Holdings Co., Ltd.) and a Manufacturing and Sales sector (Noroo Paint Co., Ltd.) on June 1st, 2006. Noroo paint is now able to independently focus on its business as a newly established corporation.

Noroo Paint produces about 10,000 paints that have the colors of nature, including those for construction, PCM, heavy-duty, car repair, and resins that are the basic formula in producing paint. Also, having developed various highly functional paints including environment-related paints, Noroo Paint guarantees the best quality paint with perfect colors, durability, weatherability, and gloss.

Noroo Paint had improved its competitive edge in product quality by completely automating and computerizing the whole process of raw material testing, import, mixing, blending, processing, and packaging, while analyzing colors and constructing databases by applying cutting edge digital technologies in various production sectors such as paint and resin. In the case of paint, Noroo Paint is producing highly functional and environment-friendly paint that can respond to the rapidly changing flow of the market, including paint for construction and cars.

Noroo Paint is taking its first steps as a first class company in an era of limitless competition: “Providing the Best Service” based on its creed of creating a “Beautiful World and Harmonious Values.”
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